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Becoming an affliate is easy and free!


Pick products you love and share them with your friends.


Earn more referrals.

get free affiliate marketing advice from our team of experts


Find your friends and favorite shops and follow the ones you love.


Share what you want, where you want, when you want. You will have your own unique links to promote in your social networks.


Did we mention you earn 10% commission on every sale? Make even more money for every merchant who joins Katchy from your referral.

View your progress on our easy-to-use dashboard

choose an opportunity that best fits you

affliate team lead

  • Let your management skills dazzle
  • Get trained by Katchy’s best Affliate Marketers
  • Lead an awesome team of Affliates
  • Earn commission for all sales on your team
Lead Your Team

affliate member

  • Manage yourself
  • Get trained by Katchy’s best Affliate Marketers
  • Be a part of a team as driven as you
  • Earn a commission on every sale
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